Niigata, Japan-based Oyanagi Construction Ties with Microsoft in AR-integrated “Holostruction”

Niigata-based construction company Oyanagi Construction and Microsoft’s Japanese branch announced on April 20 that they will cooperate in a project to improve efficiency and traceability of construction process taking advantages of Microsoft Hololens, a head-mounted display unit showing holograms in argumented-reality. The companies jointly developed a concept model with an aim to apply it at the construction site in 2018.

The program is expected to enhance productivity of the process by creating holographic work schedule and sharing such information as progress and documents among all players involved in the project. Hololens can show how the construction will proceed in a 3D model of mixed reality according to the time base. The project is said to be the first Hololens application in Japanese construction industry. (2017/04/21)